Barry Esene

(Executive Vice President)


Barry Esene, Executive Vice President, has more than twenty five (25) years of Technical and Managerial experience working on environmental solutions in the Waste industry. Barry has extensive training in geotechnical science and engineering and has successfully directed and managed the completion of projects throughout the United States, Russia, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Japan and Thailand. He has held key Project and CQA positions with oversight for multi-million dollar projects at major engineering and construction firms. His specialty includes geotechnical and environmental investigations, landfill design and construction, permitting of solid, industrial and hazardous waste facilities, detailed knowledge of EPA, state, and local environmental laws and regulations. Barry is well regarded in the waste management industry for his considerable knowledge and expertise in landfill construction and has served on various advisory committees on environmental issues.


Barry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer science Engineering and has completed continuing studies in geosynthetics for advanced solutions, clay liners and covers for waste disposal facilities, GCL and geosynthetics liner installation, hazardous waste site investigations, radiation safety and nuclear gauge operation, value engineering optimization and landfill permitting. Barry has also completed advanced continuing education studies at UT-Austin, Rice University, the Harvard Business School and is a member of the American association of Civil Engineers (ASCE).