About Us

EISG is a SBE, M/DBE and HUB certified firm that was founded in 2006 in response to the ever increasing demand for Professional and construction services in the solid waste industry. Today, EISG is comprised of 120 employees with offices in Houston, Beaumont, and the Rio Grande Valley. While our operation has expanded, our commitment to traditional work ethics and excellence is demonstrated through our continued growth, repeat business, and solid professional relationships.

EISG staff includes construction professionals, professional engineers, professional surveyors and other construction related and administrative personnel. In our journey to become the very best at what we do, we have developed and adopted a set of principles and values by which we operate. EISG applies these principles to each and every project.

Commitment to quality and results: EISG was established with one goal in mind, “Provide superior services at a fair price; promise only what we can deliver, and deliver more than is promised.” Despite our continual growth, we ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining a seasoned staff of professionals dedicated to doing whatever is required to provide value and to achieve customer satisfaction. Our growth strategy is simple, “We grow one satisfied customer at a time and maximize every interaction to elevate our customers experience”.

Uncompromised Commitment to Safety: The keyword is “uncompromised”…. Maintaining work place safety and an excellent safety record is a top priority and a cornerstone of EISG core values. We do not compromise safety in favor of any business objectives or project goals, and our goal is to finish each work day injury and incident free. Every employee is properly trained on work place safety and is empowered to stop any work that appears unsafe until the conditions are corrected. EISG also has an in-house safety inspector who consistently conducts safety audits and tool box safety briefings to re-enforce expectations and mitigate potential hazards. Construction superintendents also conduct daily safety briefings and maintain zero tolerance in violation. As a result, EISG enjoys one of the highest safety ratings in the industry.

Commitment to Excellence: We are committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence and are continually refining our processes to better serve and meet the needs of our customers. We meet this commitment by delivering quality craftsmanship, taking personal responsibility for meeting project goals, providing value to our customers and taking pride in what we do. We essentially make the need of customers the focus of our business. EISG continues to distinguish itself from its competitors through proactive communications, personal service, responsiveness ,attention to detail, consistency in the quality of finished work products, and by maintaining the highest ethical standards at all times.

What we do: EISG specializes in providing quality construction to solid waste companies, municipalities and government agencies, land developers, public institutions, etc…. Even though initially established to provide professional and construction services to the waste industry, EISG has since expanded its menu of services and client roster. We have successfully completed projects for many land developers, engineering design companies, road construction companies, public utility companies, commercial builders, municipalities, petrochemical industries, etc…we have completed projects throughout the United States, and the Island of Puerto Rico.

Success Story: EISG was challenged by a client to build a landfill cell within 60 days to avoid the landfill from reaching capacity which would have left the client with zero airspace for their customers. Needless to say this was a monumental task, but EISG assembled the appropriate team and executed flawlessly. As a result, the project was completed and approved for use by the regulatory agency ahead of the 60 day time frame. Here is a quote from the General Manager.

“In my 20 years in the waste industry, I have never seen any construction company accomplish building a landfill within that time frame. EISG started with excavation and ran two shifts 7 days a week and they put all the right people and equipment on the project to get the job done. I will never forget this accomplishment as it allowed our company to continue to service our customers thanks to EISG’s flawless execution”  Anonymous Environmental Manager